CHICSTUDIOS Makeup School NYC Testimonials

Kenya Clark
I found out about chic at the Makeup Show. I enrolled because I love the location. CHIC is AMAZING! It’s a very clean, comfortable and fun loving environment! You will meet amazing instructors and learn so much about the industry! I enjoyed my time here and I will continue to be apart of the CHIC Community!

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Tamara Williams
I was so interested in makeup but knew that what I knew was just the tip of the iceberg. I decided to go in and train more in makeup. Going to CHICSTUDIOS was life changing!!! I’, more confident, can examine things differently – even my friends notice my skills improving. This was a great choice for me!!!

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Alexa Orlando
I found CHICSTUDIOS through Google, while searching for makeup schools. I enrolled in this school because I heard many great things about it, and it opened a lot of opportunities after graduation. Definitely an amazing School to get one on one makeup experience! Wonderful instructors to help you with your weakness, and very motivational and positive! So worth your time!!!

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Amber Blanchard @amberblanchardmua “I can honestly say CHIC has changed my life. This school has given me the knowledge and confidence to step out into the real world of working as a pro makeup artist. Ruthie (my main instructor) is not only amazing at what she does, she’s amazing at teaching her craft to others. The intimate setting of the class allows you to ask questions and really engage in the lessons. Ruthie takes her time to make sure each and every student understands what’s going on in the lesson plan. This course really opened up the world of makeup for me. Not only did I enjoy every minute of class, the drama-free environment allowed me to by myself and let me artistic abilities grow. CHIC has given me long-lasting friendships and connections I will never forget! As well as preparing me with tools, materials and technologies needed to start my career, the CHIC Pro Community gives endless opportunities to make connections and build your portfolio. CHIC has changed my life for the better and I wouldn’t change a single thing!”

Karen Keavey “My experience at CHIC was beyond amazing.  The environment was very conducive to learning, the instructors were professional, knew their craft inside and out and make learning fun.  Unlike other courses I’ve taken, questions were encouraged, the classes were very hands on and I was learning not only from watching but from doing.  The atmosphere was very collaborate and I found the information delivered to be very thorough  — from product knowledge to application instruction.  Loved the pics from my photo shoot and still have them upfront in my portfolio!  I big recommend from me.”

Aleah Alvarado @haviic_cosmetics “I attended CHICSTUDIOS in July 2015 and am absolutely thrilled that I did! The instructors are amazing (Ruthie and Jonny were mine) and SUPER helpful. From beginner to pro, Chic handles every student with patience and makes you feel ready to take on the beauty industry by storm. Even after graduating, staying engaged in the Chic Pro Community helps with building ports, job opportunities and connecting with grads which make the transition that much more beneficial. Definitely recommended!”

Denalyn Quinones @denalyn_quinones “Honestly being at chic was one of the best things I ever did for my career. They equip you with in depth knowledge about all the need-to-knows on how to do makeup. You also get to learn from some of the top makeup instructors this industry has to offer. As if that’s not enough, once you graduate, you get to be a part of this amazing aftercare program that helps you find jobs. I can go on to write more but I don’t want this to turn into an essay lol but seriously you just need to go here and see for yourselves! I look forward to seeing everyone at Chicstudios. I love being there!!!”

Tokovia Pitts “I took the 4 week Professional Makeup Artistry Course. What I learned is Makeup is an art. I met some amazing people who were patient with me, while I built up my confidence.I will forever be grateful to ChicStudios NYC.”

Humma K “CHICSTUDIOS classes are wonderful! Amy and Christina are very welcoming and make everything so much fun which makes the classes so easy! I loved my time at CHICSTUDIOS and made wonderful friends!”

Avyanka H. “I did a lot of research before choosing to attend CHICSTUDIOS, and I must say it was the perfect choice. First off, the price isn’t too bad considering how much other makeup artistry schools charge. You may find cheaper schools, but they won’t prepare you the way that CHICSTUDIOS does — and the kit alone is a great indicator of that. I did evening courses with Ruthie Weems who is too fantastic for words. Ruthie not only knows her stuff, but she really helps you with the execution of it, which is really the most important aspect. Anyone can just do a demo, but Ruthie really gets in there and tells you where you went wrong so that you can get it right next time. Since graduating, I have been doing test shoots and participated in NYC Fashion Week, and I honestly could not have done it without CHICSTUDIOS! They really gave me the confidence to go into any job! Also, if you do the photo-shoot at CHICSTUDIOS, Amy is there and her guidance is invaluable. CHICSTUDIOS really sets you up to succeed!”

Danielle K. “CHICSTUDIOS was an amazing experience, and don’t think I could be where I am today without them. Angelique was a great teacher! She was hands-on, helping me and my class perfect my technique and providing insight into the industry. I had a large class but Angelique made time to work with us one on one”

Anita A. “Having taken the 4 Week Professional Makeup Artistry program and Basic Hairstyling workshop, I can say all of the instructors definitely know this industry! They are encouraging and supportive while providing students of all levels to take their interest and passion to the next level. I highly recommend these courses to anyone looking to make a change in their career”

Samantha M. “I’ve wanted to become a makeup artist for as long as I can remember and I have CHICSTUDIOS to thank for helping me make my dreams come true! Everyone is truly amazing, and I thank you all for helping me further my career and being so supportive! I wish our time together wasn’t so short! I miss you all already!”

Hina A. “Taking classes at CHICSTUDIOS helped a lot to enhance my skills. I have learned a lot of new techniques and also techniques I can apply on myself. Ruthie is one of the most talented and sweetest instructors, very friendly! I am glad I took classes at CHICSTUDIOS and would love to join more classes to enhance as a makeup artist. Keep up the good work!”

Malitza V. “I have always loved makeup, I especially love doing makeup for others! So deciding to attend CHICSTUDIOS and making the jump from hobby to professional was exciting and scary. I found CHICSTUDIOS through the MAC Cosmetics website and did some research and heard really good things about the school, I still had reservations but when I walked in and met Christina by the end of the visit I was giving her a check! She was so open and friendly and answered every question I had. My first day I found my mentor and an amazing artist in Ruthie Weems! She is so talented and wants to teach what she knows. She is honest and helpful! Amy is so knowledgeable and wants you to learn and be successful. My classmates were awesome. I have recently moved to Florida and am continuing my makeup artistry, but CHICSTUDIOS will always feel like home.”

Chloé “I had such a wonderful experience at CHIC, it really made my summer. I feel prepared to begin a passionate career in makeup artistry thanks to everyone I met from teachers, to students, to models and photographers. I hope to take more classes in the future! So glad I found CHICSTUDIOS!!”

Jennifer D. CHICSTUDIOS was an amazing experience! Ruthie and Jonny are the sweetest and coolest instructors ever and I am super sad my classes have ended.

Jennifer J. Going to CHICSTUDIOS has been an amazing experience being able to work with Ruthie and Jonny, has been educational and amazing. The family feel makes you feel comfortable. I will definitely be taking future classes!

Bill H. I’ve come so far in such a short time. Thank you to my amazing teachers, the wonderful staff, and my 13 girls.

Shannon W. CHICSTUDIOS, I learned from the best in an imtimate class setting from basic to advanced makeup. I now have the confidence to execute great makeup.

Renee R. “I took a makeup artistry class at another school, but did not feel like I had the skills I needed to be a great makeup artist. I attended CHICSTUDIOS and had the pleasure to work with Ruthie Weems, who taught me the tricks of the trade. She is a great teacher and she is what I needed to push my career forward. Thanks to her and CHICSTUDIOS, I have the confidence and know how to be great!”

Jacque G. “Taking the artistry class at CHICSTUDIOS helped me to refine my technique and take my career to the next level. For to many years I felt stuck and didn’t know how get to the next level in my career, plus I lacked the confidence to make any moves on my own. After taking the Professional Makeup Artistry Course with Fashion & Runway, it truly defined me as an artist! I’m definitely looking forward to taking some of the add-ons, especially Period Makeup with Ruthie Weems. CHIC — it’s like a new obsession!”

Vondell J. “I took a couple of classes with CHICSTUDIOS — TV & Music Video Makeup course taught by Jonny and Shaun, who are awesome instructors! I also took the Period Makeup taught by Ruthie who quickly became one of my favorite instructors. During my time at CHICSTUDIOS, the school, instructors, and Christina have overwhelmingly surpassed my expectations. Thanks CHICSTUDIOS!”

Stacey S. “I had wanted to become a makeup artist for over two years before I found CHICSTUDIOS. I looked at other schools in New York City and what made CHICSTUDIOS stand out at first was Christina’s friendly and encouraging personality. And any question I had, (of which I asked many), she always took time to answer. Even better was that my instructors were as equally encouraging and inspiring. I finally feel like a makeup artist — not just with my makeup and brushes, but also from within. My time at Chic Studios has been the most rewarding time, and I am so proud to say I am a CHICSTUDIOS graduate. Thank you to everyone at CHICSTUDIOS for breaking me out of my shell and helping me believe in myself!”

Sophia J. “After searching different makeup artistry schools, I decided CHICSTUDIOS was the best school for me. Attending CHICSTUDIOS was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. CHICSTUDIOS prepares and gives you the confidences to become a great makeup artist. Since CHICSTUDIOS, I have done makeup for fashion shows, special occasions, as well as for family and friends. I am truly honored to be a CHICSTUDIOS alumni and grateful that I had wonderful instructor and now friend Ruthie Weems. Words cannot express how amazing Ruthie is; she is very hands-on and honest which I appreciate. The staff is very warm and friendly, they are the best.”

Mell S. “I thank the internet world for letting me find CHICSTUDIOS — amazing! What I can say it was very convenient with my schedule and the school is base in NYC very easy to commute. The classes and the teacher are wonderful, with Ruthie and Jonny as our instructors just made it so much easier and made me enjoy the class and the school even more. Attending CHICSTUDIOS definitely is making my makeup artist career expand, as not only did I learn so many tips on makeup, but I also learned a lot more about the business.”

Alexis K. “CHICSTUDIOS truly changed my life. I had an amazing time with a great teacher, Ruthie, who taught me everything I needed to know to get started in the makeup world. I still get excited when I get e-mails from you guys! It’s a very supportive, fun, and safe learning environment for makeup divas of all levels. I heart you guys. Thanks!”

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