Nikki Fontaine

nikki fontaine MAKEUP ARTISTRY INSTRUCTOR chicstudios nyc


Nikki is a New York City based Make-Up Artistry Specialist, Master Hairstylist and Beauty Visionary. Sketching and painting as soon as I could hold a pen and pencil, I began taking art classes at a young age following in my father and brothers’ footsteps. This training and eventual second nature understanding of lighting, shapes, colors, and textures directly translate into the foundation in which Nikki views and designs the faces of her beautiful clientele.  Nikki is also a licensed cosmetologist, with knowledge from leading industry innovators such as Academy Award Winning Makeup Artists, Dick Smith and Kevin Haney. Nikki focuses special attention to Cruelty Free Beauty, Natural Skin Care including her customized Skincare Treatment System. 

Nikki’s talents have her  working closely with Emmy nominated Special Effects Makeup Team, Prosthetic Renaissance, and most recently have been credited in teaming up with Mike Marino and Mike Fontaine for the transformation of Heidi Klum, the proclaimed “Queen of Halloween” into Jessica Rabbit on Halloween 2015 featured on multiple media outlets including Wendy Williams, E!News, Ellen, and People Magazine.

Nikki brings a great wealth of knowledge into the CHICSTUDIOS classroom as a makeup artistry instructor.

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